Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Romance V

The hardest part about ending a relationship or a friendship is how to explain what happened to the people you love. How do you move on when you have resentment in your heart? How can you heal when you feel like you have nothing left? I walked around my hometown for the whole day distraught not in my right mind. The memories of "J" and I kissing in bed flashed in my mind. The separation from him cut me deeper than the sharpest knife. I felt like the one person who was suppose to understand me and protect me had betrayed me for his own lust. I heard his voice in my mind apologizing on the phone as I walked with tears falling down my face. I'm sorry wasn't good enough. I'm sorry wasn't cutting it. How could he? But it made me realize that a casual relationship could never ever be enough for me. 

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