Sunday, November 27, 2011

Advice Worth Listening To ?

I think the best thing we can do for ourselves is not to ask everyone what they would do in our relationship situation. If someone is alone and they haven't had a date in years then is that advice valid? Maybe were asking all the wrong people to solve our problems . I find that I can talk through my problems with my friends but it only helps so much. It's like talking about a problem could only make it worse. I think deep down people know what they need to do. The right answers are written on the inside of us. There's no shame at all in needing help. However, people and situations can completely change and shock you. Nothing is the same way it was five minutes ago. Who should we listen to? Who knows us the best? Who has your best interests at heart and steer you in the right direction? I feel so strongly about this and I just feel like not everyone is qualified to give people relationship advice.

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