Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Romance Part I

 Last month, I met this guy we will call him "J". We met at an art gallery opening party through a friend of mine from college. We talked all night and had exchanged numbers by the end of it. I was so worried he wouldn't call me I nearly died. That crazy feeling of holding on to your phone so tight because you want it to ring. I remember the anticipation building up inside of me. We talked on the phone for a solid hour. Impressive? Maybe... he wanted to know when I could see him again. I had a volleyball match that Tuesday so I decided to invite him out. He came on time and even cheered me on. We went out to the bar with my team for drinks and they really liked what he added to the group. He held my hand and I felt like I could fly. He swapped seats with my one of my friends just so he could sit closer to me. He was so sweet. Then he volunteered to drive me home so I wouldn't have to take the train back. That should have been my first clue! This was the start of the trouble... I forget how he ended up on my side of the car (remember I'm on the passenger's side and hes giving me a lift home) . But imagine me hot and sweaty after a 
competitive volleyball game with sexy little short spandex on. I can't blame him. I'm not a vain person at all but I must have looked seriously hot for him to kiss me like that. I still play back and rewind that kiss in my head. It was sensual but polite his hands stayed on my waist no wandering. It was so pleasant and so unexpected. As you will hear the rest of the story I will be left wondering to this day why he kissed me like that. Those kisses weren't pecks either. They weren't long pecks either. There may have even been slight tongue involved but not much. He didn't press his luck by trying too much with that! I was caught up in the kiss. I realized I should go inside and I broke away from his lips. He whispered to me one more kiss. I gladly obliged and left him wanting more for the next weekend. That week passed me by in a happy wonderful blur. I was hanging out with new friends at school, studying hard and "J" called me every single night. How could I have anticipated that Friday night that changed my whole life. We were at his apartment its around 8 o'clock. I figure whatever going down it couldn't be more serious than pizza and a movie.... ( stay tuned for Part II coming out this week)

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  1. I am insanely interested. And a little scared for part II please post soon