Wednesday, August 10, 2011

There Just Has To Be Balance ( Relationship Musings)

The more I let go the better I feel! That seems to be my new out look on everything. I feel so much better when I don't try to mange and control everything. I'm not always a believer in letting destiny take its course but in terms of relationships though ( this idealogy has been working out for me). When people decide to walk out of our lives it's not our job to make sure they come back. Even though it hurts like hell we have to let them walk. We have to live out the lives that are in us! Therefore, maybe the universe or some divine creator is trying to push us away from things that are bad for us. The biggest thing that I've learned to not let a bad dating experience get in the way of me looking towards the future positivitely. Let's be honestly there are alot of jerks out there! Going through those experiences and trying to weed out the bad seeds has only made me a better dater. I learned the best through trial and sometimes painful errors. I'm reaching some conflicting ideas in my mind. I think there are times where a relationship is worth fighting for and worth trying to save. It just depends on the situation. As the saying goes you have to let someone go and if they really love you they will come back.
It brings up the question is it better to love with your head or with your heart? Will we ever have an answer to this question? My guess is the today until never! I think people have to use both equally to succeed! We need our hearts! How can you love someone who never shows any emotion or can't give any love? We need our heads at the same time! We need to look at people's prospects, goals, lifestyles and habits. The combination of the two can lead people to find good partners for the long term.

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