Thursday, August 4, 2011

How To Get Through A BreakUp

1.  Be honest - Don't ignore the person who is trying to talk to you! Ignoring someone is only going to make the situation worse I promise you. If the issues at hand aren't being the handled then an even bigger fight is bound to happen. Don't leave the person you are breaking up with in a "grey" area. It's just not right. Karma is a bitch & doesn't discrimate.

2. Don't say let's be friends if you honestly want a friendship - This is the go to line for people these days! People always say were better off as friends. No I've used that line before & that's code for your a nice guy but I'm not interested anymore. Let's part ways. If I see you in the street I'll act like a good friend & like I wanna hang out - in reality I want to be left alone forever. Understand me?

3. Don't answer your phone- It's okay for you to declare yourself some me time! Go get your nails or hair done. Pamper yourself or go hang out with your friends! Anything to help yourself feel more relaxed.

4. Break up in a public place - Depending on the serious nature of the relationship do it in person! You owe it to the person your breaking up with at least a meeting in person! Try to not do it over text messaging or IM unless you feel like thats your only option of getting away!

5. Listen to your heart - You know when a relationship isn't working out long before it even happens to fall apart. There are red flags all over the place. For me it's certain things people say that tip me off long before.

P.S - This phase doesn't last forever but it will feel like a long time before you feel like yourself again. Honestly, being single is awesome ;) Hang in there buddy!

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