Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Break Up Playlist!

It's amazing how a song can totally change your mood! Since I'm sorta in that post break up phase I wanna hook you up with some songs that will totally improve the frame of mine & make you wanna dance! I swear the music almost makes everything all better. Just remember never let the past define you because everyone has so much to live for! XOXO! Enjoy the music!

                           Can't go wrong with some X-tina on your playlist & she never gets old!

I love Beyonce's new song Who Runs The World! She knows how write the best girl power songs!

I love Jessie J ! She has such a unique sound and really has blown up in popularity the last few years. Her song is called Do It Like A Dude by Jessie J

Girls Up by Bella Amie is just a really catchy song! This is the girls first single and they are from the United Kingdom. They've also relased a few other songs to follow up to this single. Happy Listening!
Of course I gotta throw in some Kelly Clarkson for the the American Idol fans! Kelly Clarkson always has alot of  good break up song! Since You Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson is all the way from her second album. It's an old song but definitely a goodie for sure!

Johnny Lang is always an emotional more bluesy feel like type of singer! His voice is so sexy ; I'm sorry! Haha, yeah I'm like a die hard fan over here. This song is about him having his heart broken by a girl that he truly loved. I think some of us can totally relate to this song as we try to move on.

P.S I love you guys & I will add more tunes as I see fit or write a comment and tell me if there's a song you think I should put on the Break Up Playlist! I would love your input. What type of songs get you through your break ups?

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