Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ways To Make Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Feel Special

*I would say I'm a professional at this one! Not to toot my own horn or anything!

Ways to Make Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Feel Special

1.) Text Messaging - A highly abused form of communication but can be very effective when in a relationship. You can send each other cute photos, good morning texts, or a" just wanted to say i love you and hope you have a good day" let someone know you are there

2.) Speaking Positively About Your Partner- This is a huge one for couples; I can't stress it enough! There's nothing like knowing the person you are with is 100% behind you. This helps create positive reinforcement within the relationship! A simple "I believe in you" or "I know you got this taken care of" goes a long way for people. NEVER curse at your partner!

3.) Have a Skype Date Night - This is good for couples who are in a long distance relationships. The second best to seeing your significant other is to web chat and see the other person's face. It doesn't solve everything but it can really close the gap of feeling like its been a long time.

4.) Swing By Their Work or School For Five Minutes To Make Out - I used to do this all the time with my ex. It would be make each other's days that we could get to see each other first off. We both knew we couldn't stay very long but quick kisses help keep your significant other on your mind. Also it helps keep sexy it and know some passion is still left in the relationship

5.) Do Something Special Just Because (Leave A Gift) - Handmaid gifts are always great ideas if they are personalized. Once made one of my boyfriends a scrapbook with pictures of us. Many people enjoy receive flowers or chocolate and it doesn't have to be Valentine's Day.

6.) Write Them Cute Notes on Facebook - This tip isn't for everyone but if you feel comfortable doing it then why not. Leaving notes around the house are even better

My best advice to keeping a relationship alive is don't let the passion die! The small gestures usually mean the most! Say I love you every single day because we never know when it could be over

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