Friday, March 16, 2012

Online Dating My Thoughts

I think alot of people downplay how much online dating is actually used. People are more willing to make up stories than tell the truth( in regards to how they met there significant other). There is a large stigma attached online dating. I suppose its looked at where the losers to meet there perfect match. I will be the first to admit that I used it in the past. My experiences were widely varied. I met a lot of cool guys and weirdos in between. But those failures that just is going to add on to my experiences as a person. I realize that there are success stories from the online dating world. Many people who were successful kept up their personal pages up for a whole year. That's a long time before you meet the one. At the same time, I have to warn people about guys who say they want a relationship. They parade all around these sites when they just want to hook up! Sites have specfic caterogies for people who want random play( or want more "friends"). It takes the same amount of energy to have friends with benefits that does to make a relationship. What are people so scared of? Other than the obvious rejection or getting hurt?


  1. I disagree, it does not take the same amount of energy at all. Relationships take work. Until C I figured people just stay together, or they fight and break up. I never realized how hard it was when you have enough invested emotionally to stick around and work shit out. What are people afraid of? Love, commitment and heartbreak.

  2. Thats personally what I think ( from my experiences) perhaps i should clarify it takes up your time in an FWB but less emotional energy

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