Saturday, March 17, 2012

Places to Meet Your Next Boyfriend or Girlfriend

1) School - this a good place to start! Schools have a wide variety people. Try to get involved in a club you are passionate about ! ( more variety)

2) Concerts - always good tons of emo cuties or country rockers just depends  ( more musical)

3) Parties - awesome networking chances as well as being introduced to a hottie (more spontaneous)

4) Coffee Shop or Bookstore - always seems draw a plethora of interesting minds ( more intellectual)

5) Wine Tasting or Art Gallery - very sophisticated scene  ( more classy)

6) Online- wouldn't advise it but you might end up liking it. Give it a shot! (more unknown)


  1. I met C clubbing. It was supposed to be a casual thing

    My exes, One I met at the GSA in high school. Two I met through friends who thought we would be perfect together. What makes people think just 'cause they know 2 gay guys they must be perfect for each other? Most of the people who try to set me up I have one thing and one thing only in common with them, that we're both gay.

    I dated one guy I met online.... after the first date I found out he was living with his girlfriend *wince*. I don't know if I would ever do that again, even with all the successes I hear about.

  2. Oh gosh! I'm sorry yeah I haven't had the best experiences with online dating either. Yeah, its pretty time consuming with minimal results. I hate getting set up even as a straight person they always give you the person they don't want to end up liking them. It's like playing hot potato!

    1. Interesting way to get rid of someone you are not interested in. Genius.