Wednesday, May 9, 2012

High school guys vs. College guys

Do you feel there is a major difference between the two?

I think high school guys are more willing to get into a relationship. College guys are more likely to just to want to hook up and play the field. No question it depends on the person and the specific individual but I'm seeing alot more of that lately.


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  2. College guys are generally just in it to hook up. High school guys think they need a relationship status to get laid. But they aren't looking for commitment either. I think most guys want to wait until after school to settle into a relationship.

  3. Very true I mean exceptions to every rule ( of course) but this seems to be the general outlook from my experiences

    1. I only wanted a boyfriend when I started university because I did not think I would have the time or resources (money) to go out looking for hook ups:). Then I ended up committed anyway:P. I do not know a single person (my age) who stayed with the boyfriend or girlfriend the started University with, unless they had kids before going.

  4. @Karen no problem sweetheart :)