Sunday, February 19, 2012

What I Really Think of Shows Like the Bachelor

For my international friends, The Bachelor is an American television program about finding your special someone. I'm disgusted I'm still even watching this show. I'm in it to see the hookups, the cat fights, competitions and the meltdowns. The premise of show ( if you don't know) basically putting twenty five women in house together. That doesn't sound so bad right? A house full of women sounds like a sorority sister club! Wrong!!! The catch is that these women are all after the same man! The competition is extremely fierce across the board. Anyone on The Bachelor show is hand picked by producers and has to be interviewed extensively . You put the prettiest, smartest, most accomplished women in America all under one roof? It's going to be dramatics and waterworks. Americans seem to want a love story so we can't help but love this show. I'm bothered that I'm still watching this show. The show seems to make for a game of hearts and who can get the man's attention. In real life does this Bachelor situation happen? Whether we realize it or not at one point in time there has be at least one person we have competed for. Men can probably relate to this more than women. Many women are sadly still judged more on how she looks than her intellectual abilites. Why does society seem to market towards women brimming over with sexuality? Society would love to say that we are above our human nature but we aren't. People are competitive by nature. We want the hottest boyfriend or girlfriend! We want the nicest car without breaking the piggy bank! We want the nicest crib! I could go on and on about the materialistic ideas. The fact is that real love sees beyond materialism!

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