Sunday, February 19, 2012

What Happened On My Valentines Day?

Well, for me since Valentines  fell on Tuesday I didn't do much of anything. It was my day off from going to classes. I listened to a lot of single people bitch and whine the whole day. The people that I knew who were in relationships seemed disappointed when their significant other fell short of expectations. My heart totally goes out to them! For me, Valentines Day came a few days early. I had a date planned. I really like this new guy. He's a rare find. He makes me smile. We make each other laugh and we seem to vibe really well off each other's energy. It was getting towards the end of the date and we were having some quiet time talking to each other. He pulled out two boxes of chocolate. One of the boxes of chocolate turned out to be genuine Godiva chocolate. He also had another small gift for me. It made me realize something about myself. I say I'm an independent woman but I really do love a romantic man. After he pulled out the gifts he asked if I would be his Valentine! We kissed for a long time and of course I said YES! I couldn't have planned a better Valentines Day surprise.

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