Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Salt In My Coffee

First dates are always so nerve racking. Your totally stressing! You wanna be as cute possible! You want to basically put your best self forward. How to handle all those nerves around the person you like? AHHH! HELP! Well, what I can say is the let the conversation develop naturally. A good starting point in a date is get the other person talking about themselves. People love to talk about themselves. When I say get your date to talk about themselves as them about their job, activities they like, movies and TV. I will admit I get crazy nervous about a date when I walk out the door! I will use my recent first date as an example for how your nerves can effect you. Okay so, I'm on date at a cozy cafe with this really cute army guy. Damn, I was way too busy staring in his gorgeous eyes. I really didn't notice I had mistaken the salt for the sugar. However, I was a complete idiot. I should have totally know that sugar was in packets labeled. The salt shaker was clearly distinguishable sitting next to marked sugar. In my house I put the sugar in its own container ( so I had a little mix up). I was extremely lucky my date though my mistake was totally funny. He stopped me before I drank the salt in my coffee. Thank God! It would have tasted terrible. He thought it was cute and I was able to laugh off my mistake. It could have been a disaster date but it seemed like my mistake broke the ice. It did end up being an extremely successful date and we are working on seeing each other again. The lesson seems to be even if you do something wrong just laugh off the mistake. The guy or girl your seeing might find that to be adorable or quirky. Don't beat yourself up if you happen to do something by accident. Let's face it we all do silly things!

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