Thursday, April 11, 2013

Online Dating is it Shallow?

From my past experiences when I think about online dating I'm not sure its a good thing.
I hope if you are trying it out that's wonderful and don't let my opinion change your mind.

Main Issues

1.) Player's Playground
- Online dating makes it very easy for players to prey on young women that want to find true love
- Heterosexual women tend to write gobs & gobs on themselves giving them a lot to capitalize on
- Its easy to juggle seeing multiple women at the same time & not let any of them know about it

2.) Provided with Too Many Options ( Over saturation)
 - Could your perfect match have gotten lost in the shuffle?
 - If you don't have any kind of filtering system what are you picking your guys based on?

3.) Beware of Men with no Jobs
 - Unemployed men tend to hang around on free dating sites
 -  Why? Because its a f***ing free site & they are bored trying to get some
 - If you have time to be on a free dating site then you have time get a job &
   move out your Mommy's house! OOO! Yes, I'm going to keep it real sorry.

4.) Don't get Catfished & Swindled
 - Investigate anyone who is making big claims like "Hey guys, I'm a millionaire"
 - If it sounds too good to be true then it is too good to be true
 - Google imaging photos if you think someone is a fake is always a decent shot at getting the truth

5.) Wants Sex on the First Date
 - NO NO NO NO!!!
 - Online dating can be risky you are entering the home of a complete stranger
- Don't roll the dice with your life
- If he insists on taking you home & there is a lot of sex talk before meeting up its not worth it


  1. There is an assumption here that woman are not after sex. It seems to me like on line is much a fantasy game, especially the free sites. If one cannot be bothered going out and meeting people, chances are they are after one thing, sex. Male and female. And there is nothing wrong with that. My advice is to be honest, have a good time, and not to be surprised when nothing comes of it but a few fun times. People who cannot take the time to meet people generally are not in it for the long haul.

  2. Yes, I'm just letting people know whats what and to be careful. Especially, since a ton of my friends ended up in these situations & I would hate to have someone else go through that without any type of heads up or warning

  3. I think alot of women go online to find love out of frustration that they can't find a good guy especially American ones. I can't speak for everyone or hit every single women's POV in less than one page.