Monday, July 25, 2011

Who Said Being Single Was A Bad Thing?

Whats up everyone? First of all I'm so tired of hearing that being single is a bad thing. There are a lot of benefits to being single! I've come to realize that good and honest relationships can be extremely fullfilling. If you are single ; do your thing! I spent most of high school without a boyfriend. Being single helped me stay focused on getting through school and keeping my grades up. I had a lot time to create meaningful relationships with friends and classmates. My friends never got mad at me because I was spending too much time with a guy. Relationships can be extremely time consuming! Let's just face it. All the phone calls your going to make each other spending hours upon end. There is so much time that's going to be spent going to see each other and all those dates . There are going to be times in our lives where having a romantic relationship will seem silly or seriously trivial. I've met guys who I've liked but I honestly don't think they had time for a woman in their life. The free time was just so limited. It's so hard to schedule like that! I don't want a guy that I have to schedule like 3 weeks ahead just to get a couple of hours. Wouldn't it make more sense if people could evaluate themselves? Of course, in life there are things we can't control and situations that seem to press us for our time. Honestly, if you don't have the weekends free or a few nights a week free then maybe you don't need a relationship. If you don't have time then don't waste other people's time too!

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