Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ways To Know Your Getting Played

Oh sweetie! This isn't what it looks like? I didn't really mean to get caught in bed with this hot girl? I didn't really mean to have a picture of a naked girl on my phone? I didn't mean to stand you up for your date tonight? A real man won't make so many excuses for himself and will rise to the occasion. I'm going to break down how to beat a player at his own game. I'm not at all recommending revenge tactics at all. I will try to arm you with tools so you can discern the sort of man your with. I've had extensive experience with this topic. You met Mr Wonderful! Awesome! Turns out he might be a cheating womanizer....? I know! Shocking? Yes! The first thing is everyone has a gut instinct a.k.a intution that allows them to know what's going on . It's the classic "something isn't right" type of feeling. However, you can't put your finger on it! A player is always way too smooth with everything he does. That should be your first clue! The smoothiness is what pulls and attracts you in. He always seems to say the right thing and never seems to get upset when you are.

The Short Version Of What I'm Trying to Say :

Good Guy
1) He wants to meet your family and does his best to get along with them

2) Brings flowers to the door

3) Is willing to listen to your ideas and wants to make you happy

4) Respects you and wouldn't EVER touch a woman

5) Provides a safe emotional place for you to share your private thoughts and emotion

6) Checks in with you with a few texts here and there , time on the phone , sends cute picture messages , video chats

7) He would let you cry on his shoulder and tell you everything gets better

8) He might buy you gifts for no reason when its not your birthday , anniversary , or special holiday

9) Volunteers to help you get things done

10) Has a special way he looks at you and holds you in high esteem

BOTTOM LINE : Don't let go of this guy if you find him! You might regret it!

 The Player

1) Would be extremely nervous if you wanted to see his cell phone or computer

2)  Drops the "L" word early because he thinks it will get him laid

3) Pretends like he cares about your life when's just estimating how much effort he needs to put out
to get laid

4)  Arrogant and usually has some sort of thrill seeking habits

5) In the end, its really always about who's sleeping with him tonight

6) Probably haven't had a first date with him but has already expressed interest in having phone sex with you or actucal sex. NOTE : Red flag! Run! Get far away from him!

7) Usually dresses extremely well and makes it a point to look groomed

8) A little too friendly with the waitress he met five minutes ago

9) Always has some sort of excuse for why he flirted with someone other than his girlfriend

10) Leaves you hanging with a to be continued....never checks in, never texts back, never calls to see if your okay

BOTTOM LINE : If you stay around you will probably will get used or emotionally damaged. Run if you see him!  Don't let the charm fool you because he really doesn't give a shit about whats your dog's name is or how you worked your way through college or any accomplishment you have.


1) Innocently ask to see his cell phone to make a phone call and try to leave the room with his phone ( give the impression that you would like some privacy and you will be back in five minutes)
Meanwhile, check his phone for anything questionable or any text messages

2) If your feeling really curious you can get  a reverse email address look up

3) Look around his computer if he leaves his open browser open

4) Figure out if your on his Facebook friends list. Sometimes shady things go down with social networking. If you are already his Facebook friend than dont worry about it you probably see everything going down already.

P.S - There are tons of things you can do to check up on someone. I am not a promoter of snooping on other people.People deserve privacy. I trust someone fully until they have given me a reason to not trust them. I also don't believe in people who are players or cheaters either. Those people deserve to be found out and not break the hearts of innocent people.

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