Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Signs Your Relationship Is Going Well

*Unedited Preview of my new article I'm working on should be finished by 1/12/12  I just couldn't wait to get my ideas out there

1. ) He wouldn't object  to you leaving an extra toothbrush or your shower gel at his place.

This shows that he's getting comfortable with you. It's another sign that your spending so much time that it seems natural to leave some things behind. It's also a good sign because if there were other women coming to his house then he couldn't have you leave your things in plain sight.

2.) If you both work or go to school during the week then your spending most weekends together.

 Most people devote the weekends to hobbies or relationships that they care about. It's great when a couple loves to devote their weekends to some "us" time but don't forget about your friends.

3.) He schedules dates and meet ups before 8 p.m

There's nothing more disrespectful to me than a guy who calls me at 11:30 pm asking if I want to "watch a movie" or I want to "chill for a little bit". As the woman you have every right to set the bar higher and demand that he call earlier in the night.

4.) He makes you breakfast without asking when you sleepover

This is tapping into the provider role that is hardwired into a man! He wants to take care of you and he does it all with a smile. Men show love through their actions instead of saying it. Pay attention to the small gestures is the key.

5.) He does his best to remember important dates ( example your birthdays , your auditions, your big tests mainly the big moments in your life)

He does he best to remember those important events and goes to them when he can. This shows he's truly invested. So if he shows up on time to be your date to the party

6.) You can't keep your hands - off each other (non-groping way)

7.)  Your partner respects your rights and wouldn't force you to stay if you weren't happy

8.) You can talk about anything without the fear of being judged or put down for your ideas

9.) It feels natural and easy when your together ( it just works)

10.) The sex is hot and never feels like a chore!

The sex isn't perfect all the time but it's very steamy and you work hard to please each other. Sex isn't everything but its important to feel intimacy with your partner.

11.) Making time for each other even though you have important things in your life

12.) After a few months you've either met some of  their friends and family

13.) You can see them easily in your long term plans

14.)  You don't have secrets in the relationship and your open with each other

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