Friday, October 7, 2011

Bro, are you her boyfriend or her pen pal?

When I hear about these long distances relationships and those couples who never see each other I just think PEN PAL! If you don't find a way to see each other its not going anywhere fast. Can we be adults and be honest with ourselves? I don't understand how these teens can say yes I have a boyfriend! There's something to be said for face to face contact. Couples in this high -tec world need to remove the emails, texts, IMs and close the distance. We can't depend on technology to keep feeding our relationships. If anything technology is putting a strain on our love connections. I miss the eye contact, voice inflection and tone with the written word.
P.S - Ladies, don't ever start a texting fight with your man! Please trust me on this!


  1. Finally some one I can agree with. It's such a truth.

  2. Aww thanks :) and if you like my blog feel free to add me with your google account